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… Ibi was working with novices and she very patiently explained all our
questions (some of which were very basic). She also patiently waited for us
to discuss things on our end, before continuing. Personally, I thought Ibi
did a fantastic job. She could probably travel the country doing nothing
but teach QuickBooks. She’s excellent. Thank you!

– Franco G.

Thank you for helping me get my 1099-NEC completed!  It is so comforting knowing I can depend on your advice and help when needed! I appreciate it so much!

– Ron S.

I was referred to Ibi by a contractor who assisted me with an investment property. she really helped me to get my expenses in order and gave me invaluable information on how to maximize my deductions and thus reduce my tax liability. She was very detailed and explained my tax filings. I will definitely work with Ibi again on my taxes and refer her to my friends and family.

– Yvonne P

Fortune Accounting helped to automate our accounting system, implement cost cutting procedures so we were able to increase our bottom line. I feel comfortable working with Fortune Accounting because financial information is analyzed in detail, and my questions are answered satisfactorily.

– Cora Hamman
President / CEO Career Development Services, Inc.

When I planned to open my own business in 2008, I was referred to Fortune Accounting for advice. The staff spent their time to explain how the system works: from filing forms for application to open a a new business to filing taxes regularly with the county, state, and federal government. So far I have not had any problems. I don’t have to worry when and how to file my taxes. The staff responds to questions immediately to our needs. So far we have never paid penalty for late filing. We will continue to work with Fortune Accounting. All of the friends we have referred to Fortune Accounting have been impressed and happy with the services provided.

– Dr. Beraki
Mid West Infectious Disease

I had the desire to learn QuickBooks program. I was introduced to Ibi Ojo at Fortune Accounting and she was absolutely Amazing! Her knowledge of QuickBooks is Excellent and Informative. We had our sessions via Zoom and she was patient and answered every question I had. She had emailed handouts prior to so that I could print them out to follow along and use as a reference for the future. I have a greater knowledge/understanding of the QuickBooks program. So grateful to receive this training.

– Peyton D. S.

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